Data For Cloud & Mobility

For any organization (large or small), data exchanges multiply as work practices become more flexible and collaborative, including those carried out remotely and on mobile devices. Our solution offers comprehensive protection to support these new uses on all media.

When security goes hand-in-hand with mobility and flexibility

Don’t be limited by your company’s perimeter any longer. Encrypt or decrypt your data quickly to collaborate confidentially on any type of document from any device. This agnostic solution frees you from depending on a Cloud provider or service; information circulates according to your needs in complete security.

Data-centric user empowerment

Control use and access authorizations to your sensitive data. Encrypted solely under your supervision, they are accessible via the Stormshield Data Security application with a password or strong authentication. You can also store your private keys separately from your data.

End-to-end encryption

All your exchanges are completely secure thanks to encryption that is as close to the data user as possible – on the workstation, on the mobile device, and in the Cloud.


Explore the true potential of Cloud-based collaborative tools in today’s mobile world in complete security.


Facilitate your data’s traceability with Stormshield Data Management Center’s centralized administration:

- Quickly view collaboration areas as well as critical events or alerts via a dashboard and an intuitive Web interface.
- Save time by centrally automating user, device, and security policy management.
- Maintain control of private keys with encryption that is performed solely under your supervision and includes the option of recovering your keys through key escrow.

Security and compliance

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a geolocalization feature enables the application to be blocked depending on the risk associated with the country in which the user is located; confidential documents cannot be seen unencrypted.

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Data Security for Cloud & Mobility


As trusted vendor, Stormshield deploys technologies that have been certified at the highest level in Europe. The awarded certifications and qualifications guarantee an adapted level of protection for the strategic data of even the most sensitive businesses and organizations.

Technical Support

Take advantage of expert assistance from our multilingual support teams. Our teams are based on-premises and work in close collaboration with R&D – ensuring that you receive the highest level of vendor expertise no matter the issue to resolve.


Provided by Stormshield or by one of our certified and approved partners, our training courses allow you to acquire full knowledge on how to operate our products.

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