Supporting your customers’ journeys towards cybersecurity, with pedagogy, expertise and analysis

Raising awareness through education

Cybersecurity can often seem to be an abstract concept for small business managers. However, cyber-threats spare no one, and bring very real IT risks. The problems can start when you open an attachment, use a USB stick or inadvertently click on a window.

In order to better understand the challenges of cybersecurity and thus ensure that needs in this area are better targeted, Stormshield produces awareness-raising content. With their popular, accessible style, they are intended to become sales tools and decision-making aids for use by partners. Browse through our educational content: a valuable awareness kit for sharing and re-sharing.

Cybersecurity issues deciphered by the experts

Some industry veterans may be looking for answers and high value-added content. We regularly publish content, including cyber news, security intelligence and expert interviews, that address business and professional issues.

To ensure they are of maximum use to you, we work with our teams of Product Managers and R&D teams, who closely monitor the latest developments in the sector to better imagine and anticipate the cybersecurity of tomorrow. Draw upon their insights by viewing our analytical and prospective articles.

Boosting the community through analysis

To meet the needs of security experts, our Cyber Threat Intelligence team creates papers focusing on the technical aspects of cybersecurity.

Our in-house specialists make use of their hands-on coding experience to tackle malware mechanisms and deliver their high-level technical analysis – sometimes in exclusive scoops. So hurry over to start exploring our content for discerning readers.

From the CISO to Mr Average, via the sales engineer, Stormshield makes the challenges of cybersecurity easy to understand. Because our mission is a twofold one: to help you refine your understanding of this constantly changing world, and to support your customers as they deal with cyber threats.

Do you have other ideas for topics for exploration? And would you like to contribute your own work? Contact our editorial team.