• Whitepaper | Cybersecurity for local authorities: a challenge that can’t wait the smart city

  • Whitepaper XDR | Why will eXtended Detection & Response become the new paradigm in cybersecurity?

  • Whitepaper | Cybersecurity: its central role in the ransomware industry

  • Whitepaper | Cybersecurity in sensitive environments: immersion in the world of healthcare

  • Whitepaper | Trusted SDWAN: combining performance and security

  • Whitepaper | Cybersecurity and operational networks: How to begin factoring in risks for the industry of the future?

  • Whitepaper | How to choose an Endpoint Protection solution?

  • Technology Spotlight IDC | Context/Behavior-aware Endpoint Protection and response to meet digital and hybrid workforce requirements

  • Whitepaper | Cybersecurity in sensitive environments: immersion in the water industry

  • Interactive website | Hospitals and cyber risk vectors

  • Yearbook | A 2020-year full of news

  • Whitepaper | Corporate digital transformation: putting maturity to the test?

  • Whitepaper | From 2015 to tomorrow: cyber intrusions in electrical grids

  • Whitepaper | DPI systems and network security: IPS Stateful DPI technology in OT environments

  • Whitepaper | Corporate digital transformation: maturity and numerous questions

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  • White paper | Data protection solutions: Toward deployment without constraints?

  • Whitepaper | Corporate digital transformation; where does security fit in?

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