While the topic of cybersecurity continues to be in the spotlight, cyber criminals are trying to fly under the radar. This objective leads them to constantly develop their attack techniques. And because they know the ins and outs, they seek to develop malicious tools to fool the cybersecurity solutions present on employees' workstations. Traditional anti-virus and other detection systems, especially those based exclusively on signatures, seem to have been overtaken by complex techniques such as hijacking of legitimate applications and elevation of privileges, as well as stealth malware. As a result, solutions that focus on detecting and preventing known attacks are becoming insufficient to deal with this new generation of sophisticated and unknown cyberattacks.

This technical Stormshield white paper describes the various mechanisms that a desktop and server protection system must have in order to successfully carry out its mission of threat detection and endpoint protection. Aimed at Information Systems Security Managers, it will provide you with the necessary elements to better support you in your decision making according to your needs.

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