Organisations have embarked on structural and digital changes offering a better experience for their employees and customers as well as improvements in their IT processes. For this reason, the Software Defined Wide Area Network (SDWAN) has a role to play in the required digital transformation of companies, because this technology simplifies the task of managing networks on different sites while streamlining costs.

This technical white paper looks at this approach, as an innovative way of improving performance and unifying connectivity across different networks, including the hybrid cloud. SD-WAN allows companies todynamically adapt Internet traffic according to their priority and bandwidth quality needs at each location. However, to better protect your infrastructure, SD-WAN technology needs to be secure and trusted in order to address cyber threats and geopolitical situations. In a crowded market, it is no longer enough to manage reliable interconnections; you also need protection elements (flow filtering, VPN tunnels, URL filtering, intrusion detection, etc.) for the different networks. This ensures that WAN access can be secured and users protected under all circumstances. In order to make a wise choice, the following four aspects should be taken into consideration at a minimum: performance, cost, security and trust.

This Stormshield whitepaper describes the different aspects that an organisation should consider when implementing a Trusted SD-WAN approach: in other words, a secure and trusted technology approach. This document is intended for consultants and IT security managers to help them understand the challenges of Trusted SD-WAN today.

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