Cybercriminals will stop at nothing. Despite the vital importance of the medical sector, they have no qualms about taking advantage of the weaknesses created by the health crisis or the flaws created by the digital transformation of the sector. In France and abroad, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and other healthcare structures are facing constant waves of cyberattacks against a backdrop of high IT vulnerability.

In the world of healthcare, incident reports doubled in 2021 compared to 2020. We ask the question about this unprecedented increase in the pages of this healthcare whitepaper. The responses are just as varied as the vulnerabilities of the facilities; and recently, the unprecedented profile of certain targets has been added to the list. Such incidents are now being encountered by service providers in the healthcare sector. Sensitive data transiting in medical environments is a major concern. While there is no doubt as to its attractiveness to cybercriminals, the question of how to manage it is the subject of much debate, particularly amid the current context of the structuring of a European regulatory framework.

The goal of this Stormshield whitepaper is therefore to enable IT managers and the entire ecosystem of subcontractors and service providers in the medical sector to immerse themselves in the state of the art of cybersecurity in healthcare facilities. To this end, our aim in the following pages is to take a deep dive into the problems faced by the healthcare sector, to offer you an operational inventory of possible solutions, and to make a number of projections regarding the future of IT security in this area.

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