Faced with modern threats that could quite literally bankrupt them, smaller organizations cannot be satisfied with a just a little security. Solutions have to be effective, easy-to-use and affordable in order to deliver the comprehensive security that you expect from a leading vendor. Stormshield provides you with unified security for all your IT assets thanks to multi-functional solutions that are easy to install tailored to your company’s size.

Simplicity and security in one trusted solution

Regardless of your company’s size, our products guarantee an equally high level of security. You get robust solutions that are certified at the highest level (EU RESTRICTED, NATO RESTRICTED, EAL +3, EAL +4) and in compliance with the strictest regulatory constraints (GDPR, ii901, LPM, etc.).

All Stormshield products incorporate the highest levels of protection into a “future-ready” approach, guaranteeing a quick return on investment without compromising on security. With Stormshield Network Security (SNS) solutions, you also get the best total cost of ownership (TCO) and the best cost per gigabit on the market.

Our SNS range includes a Wi-Fi offer that is ideal for small businesses and integrates with your systems in just a few clicks for all-in-one security. All of your IoT and mobile devices are connected and protected via a single unit that provides both the Wi-Fi connection and network security features: intrusion prevention system (IPS), antivirus, firewall, VPN, web filtering, etc.

Secure your virtual environment

Virtualization has quickly become an effective way to reduce small businesses’ total operating costs while boosting their scalability. In order to ensure the security of your virtual environments, SNS virtual appliances – combined with Breach Fighter (our dynamic, Cloud-based sandboxing solution) – provide the same level of protection and the wide array of security features as physical SNS products.

Communicate and collaborate with complete peace of mind

End-to-end protection means securing internal collaboration and communication tools as well. With proactive threat detection and encryption features, Stormshield Data Security (data protection) and Stormshield Endpoint Security (workstation and server protection) reinforce your company’s security strategy in the face of both internal and external threats.

Just one malicious file is needed to launch a massive cyber attack, so you need to be able to open your files with confidence. With its behavioural analysis methods, Breach Fighter can also help you analyse any suspicious file.

Security with proper support

All Stormshield customers can take advantage of long-term support. Local support, provided by our local teams and those of our partners, is available to you in over 40 countries. This guarantees you easy access to the skills and resources needed when faced with security issues or other issues you may have when using our products.

Our partners are also authorized to provide hosted solutions using a pay-as-you-go model so that we can offer you service tailored to your needs.

MyStormshield, our online customer portal, gives you access to our technical support teams, dedicated assistance for each of our three product ranges and is open to all Level 1 reseller partners and end-customers.