Stormshield announces a partnership with the cybersecurity e-learning platform Seela and adds a range of online training courses to its catalogue. For over a year, Seela has been a trusted partner of Stormshield in the context of the Spring Brain, a competition organised for students at its partner schools in France. The expansion of this collaboration is now structured around fully independent theoretical and practical learning.

Reinforced during the Covid-19 crisis, e-learning has proved its worth with respect to talent training in cybersecurity, especially internationally. With this in mind, Stormshield has decided to include this e-learning range in its catalogue for its CSNA (Certified Stormshield Network Administrator) and CSNE (Certified Stormshield Network Expert) training courses.


Excellence even at a distance: cybersecurity for all

Seela is the specialist in remote cybersecurity training, thanks to its cutting-edge expertise in the field and a simple, user-friendly experience. Stormshield has chosen to include Seela's CyberTraining  into its three cybersecurity training and practice ranges.

Seela's support went beyond the simple transposition of Stormshield's training course content. A team of engineers studied the modules and then suggested to Stormshield that they create support videos. After providing the texts and operations to be carried out, Stormshield experts shot these videos in Seela's studios.

"Cybersecurity training requires practice, training and learning with the most realistic practical work possible. At Seela, we have taken up three main challenges. Firstly, to build, validate and provide learners with a technical environment dedicated to contextualisation and practical work. Secondly, to be able to rely on "off-the-shelf" technological bricks or existing content, in order to concentrate on teaching without worrying about the underlying IT infrastructure. And finally, to enable remote practice in e-learning mode, without the need to invest in expensive environments that are complex to install." explains Gilles Armand, co-founder of Seela.

With the aim of supporting the transformation of the skills of engineers, technicians and other technical profiles, these training courses offer a high level of technicality and total learning freedom. This method enables learners to spend more time on technical subjects, while organising themselves according to their workload and the time allotted to the training.


Customised cybersecurity training: from theory to practice through e-learning

More than 700 hours of theoretical classes, coupled with practical exercises, are accessible to learners through a simple click.

The practical application of these training courses takes place via Stormshield's parent company Airbus' CyberRange real-world training simulation platform, which is already used for customer and partner training courses, thus facilitating the integration of the content.

Six customised programmes are already available on the Seela platform:

  • Ethical Hacker programme, to train learners in cyberoffensive professions and acquire best practices for the bug bounty of web applications, or web or internal intrusion tests.
  • DevSecOps programme, aimed at developers, to acquire best practices in code security.
  • Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) programme, to manage cybersecurity on an organisational and/or geographical scope within companies.
  • SOC Analyst Operator programme, to train suspicious or malicious IS activity gendarmes. They contribute to the handling of proven security incidents.
  • Security Solution Administrator programme, to train the supervisors of organisations’ security application rules.
  • Security Coordinator programme, to train so-called IS security action conductors. They have an overall view of the company's systems.

A seventh Stormshield programme will soon be added.

In addition to the two CSNA and CSNE training courses, which are among the most popular, Stormshield is already looking into future courses that can be adapted to e-learning, in close collaboration with Seela's engineers.

"Stormshield and Seela are two sides of the same coin. As a cybersecurity solutions provider and a talent trainer, we are dependent on each other. It is a win-win partnership between sovereign players that brings us together." says Xavier Prost, Training Manager at Stormshield.

Structured around shared values and a desire to democratise cybersecurity, this partnership also fits into the Stormshield Academy approach, which offers training and support for teachers in cyber-related professions and issues. As a result, Seela now offers all its CyberTraining training courses to teachers at partner institutions.

Much more than just a partnership, this collaborative relationship continues to be strengthened and expanded to meet the many challenges of the Cyber talent shortage.

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