Stormshield is extending its partnership with Bitdefender to include the URL Status as a filtering service, following the announcement earlier this year of the integration of its anti-malware solution into its Stormshield solutions.

With so many regulations governing the use of the web, companies have a responsibility to regulate their use in the professional sphere, for legal, productivity and – most importantly – security purposes.


Combining filtering and security

The URL filtering functionality built into Stormshield firewalls makes it easy to perform such regulation. At a time when new types of platforms are emerging every day (ChatGPT, social networks, online developments, etc.), in addition to traditional platforms (gambling, banking, entertainment & videos, job search, etc.), cyber risks are constantly increasing. That's why Stormshield is offering customers who want more granular and exhaustive filtering of their web traffic a partnership with a benchmark player, Bitdefender, with its URL Status Service as an optional subscription. URL Status Service enables Stormshield customers to comply with IT law and the GDPR, while promoting efficiency and security.

As a provider of european security solutions, we need to comply with regulatory requirements when implementing our technologies at our customers’ sites. We also need to respond to their needs in a simple, flexible way. There needs to be an awareness of the underlying issues behind URL filtering. Security is the primary issue, but there’s also the question of separation between personal and professional life, often linked to issues of employee productivity”, comments Eric Hohbauer, VP Sales and Deputy General Manager at Stormshield.


Consolidating a sovereign cyber security offering

This sovereign offer from Bitdefender is available either as part of the UTM Premium licence package, or via the “Extended Web Control” option.

We are excited to extend the partnership with Stormshield. The Bitdefender URL Status is a highly efficient service in detecting malicious, phishing and fraudulent websites in real time in the cloud before they can expose a user to an attack or scam. Additionally, the included web content categorisation allows traffic triage with further fine-tuned rules. By integrating this service into Stormshield’s Network Security and Breach Fighter, the end customers benefit from Bitdefender’s highly curated, real-time threat intelligence collected from a global network of sensors”, says Sorin Dediu, Vice President of Engineering and Products at Bitdefender.

The extension of this partnership will further consolidate Stormshield's sovereign cybersecurity offering. Serving businesses, their security and users, this vision and the resulting network security require trusted players to ensure that protection does not come at the expense of users and their own practical needs.

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