Stormshield announces its incorporation of the market-leading Bitdefender antimalware solution as the engine for Stormshield Network Security “Advanced Antivirus” and Breach Fighter options.

For many years, Stormshield Network Security solutions have formed a key part of Stormshield's product portfolio. Operating in 170 countries and consistently ranked number one in independent tests for prevention technology, Bitdefender – a market leader in cybersecurity solutions – is now Stormshield's exclusive partner for these advanced engines for protection against malware.


Dealing with the most sophisticated cyber threats

Using multiple application and protocol analysis engines that act on all layers of traffic, Stormshield Network Security firewalls deliver corporate security, reliability and efficiency. The role of Bitdefender's antimalware among these engines is to identify and block detected malicious files (malware, ransomware and others) before they reach the corporate network.

To deal with the most sophisticated threats, Stormshield Network Security solutions offer not only a malware signature-based system, but also “sandboxing” protection. The Breach Fighter SaaS solution offers additional emulation and behavioural analysis mechanisms to identify previously unknown malicious code. The combination of local and cloud scanning leverages the Bitdefender antimalware engine, ensuring that Stormshield's solutions deliver both performance and reliability.

As a sovereign security solution provider, we needed to offer a reliable, trusted antimalware product that delivers high detection levels for our products, says Sébastien Viou, Stormshield's Director of Product Cybersecurity. Bitdefender is a recognised leader in the cybersecurity industry and has a high-performance OEM solution that is easy to integrate and approved for all our operating systems and processors, helping to ensure good engine performance in our products.


A common vision for European digital sovereignty

We are pleased to partner with Stormshield and deliver our leading edge antimalware technology to help their users defend against ransomware, trojans, fileless attacks and other evolving threats, said Sorin Dediu, Vice President of Engineering and Products at Bitdefender. Businesses and organizations are under constant assault from cybercriminals employing malware to steal data, extort money, and for espionage. Bitdefender antimalware is renowned industry-wide for stopping both known and unknown threats as they happen.

With its shared vision of European digital sovereignty, Stormshield continues to champion this vision alongside Bitdefender, promoting the creation of a trusted European cyber-ecosystem. This ecosystem serves as a growth driver for Stormshield in Europe and beyond, where transparency, data privacy and trust are increasingly important.

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