Stormshield and Skybox Security combine their expertise for improved security monitoring in IT, OT and Cloud environments

Stormshield – the European leader for cybersecurity in critical infrastructure, sensitive data and operational environments – and Skybox Security, a world leader in cybersecurity management, are today announcing a technology partnership between them. This partnership strengthens Stormshield’s stance in terms of security for sensitive IT infrastructures, and will provide additional support to manufacturers seeking to meet the security challenges that Industry 4.0 brings.


This will enable Stormshield customers to take advantage of the security modelling and analysis capabilities of the Skybox platform and gain an improved insight into their security infrastructures and networks, in order to:

  • Identify and strengthen weak security controls for IT and OT networks;
  • Avoid misconfigurations, understand exposure to vulnerabilities and identify access policy violations;
  • Improve change management capabilities;
  • Eliminate blind spots in security infrastructures;
  • Maintain compliance with rules and access requirements.

We were won over by Stormshield’s commitment to offering smart and connected solutions that meet the strategic challenge of proactive IT-OT security,” explains Mike Heredia, Vice-President of Skybox Security. “That’s a perfect fit for our solutions, which aim to build bridges across traditional silos – not just between IT and OT networks, but also regarding assets, security controls, vulnerabilities and threats that comprise an organisation’s attack surface and risk profile. It’s a far more modern approach that perfectly addresses the issues relating to the complex cyber-ecosystem within which industrial organisations operate.

Our partnership with Stormshield reflects the company’s strategy of maintaining close relationships with our European customers and strengthening our presence with European institutions, critical infrastructures and the French market. This integration will at last give customers a comprehensive view of their infrastructure, an understanding of their exposure to risk, full control over their network and security operations and the ability to maintain their resilience,” points out Karl Buffin, Skybox Security’s Southern Europe sales manager.

Working with an interactive visual model of the overall infrastructure – including operational, on-site and multi-cloud technology environments – organisations can analyse paths between and within networks. In practice, this will enable security teams to identify at-risk connections, check that policies are adhered to throughout the organisation and assess potential threats.

According to Stormshield Chief Marketing Officer Matthieu Bonenfant, “Native support for Stormshield Network Security appliances on the Skybox platform will help our shared customers to adopt a more efficient cybersecurity approach and reduce their admin costs. Sensitive European organisations and critical infrastructure requiring a dual firewall barrier will now be able to combine the robustness of Stormshield technology with a single, platform-agnostic policy management solution. Skybox Security is offering our customers what they deserve – the ultimate in cybersecurity management and monitoring for diverse and convergent IT/OT infrastructures.

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The world of cybersecurity features a wide range of actors with diverse and complementary skill sets. Co-operation, information sharing and partnerships are vital assets when facing an explosion in threats and sophisticated cyberattacks. For this reason, Stormshield has decided to engage in a policy of openness towards this ecosystem and co-operation with other actors, with the aim of developing joint solutions, pooling threat information, collectively improving our customers’ defences, advancing the state of the art in terms of cybersecurity and taking full responsibility for its own role in making cyberspace a harmonious, sustainable environment.
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Karine Monmarché Global Lead Marketing, Stormshield

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