Combine remote working and security with Stormshield

From start-ups to major international groups, remote working is an increasingly common practice that has become widespread since the recent health crisis – and it seems it’s here to stay. But despite its benefits, it makes it much more difficult to monitor best practice in terms of digital well-being within businesses and organisations.

To adapt to this trend in remote working, CIOs must rethink their security policies and thus guarantee their businesses’ continuity. Implementing an effective remote working policy also means better understanding the issues surrounding this topic, in particular, the all-hours availability and protection of data. All of these openings to the outside world raise organisations’ risk of cyberattack. To protect you from this risk, Stormshield helps you to develop effective and transparent IT security for users and administrators.


Did you know? During lockdown in France, 1 in 5 workers worked remotely on a full-time basis. And 76% of French people think that this practice should be more widespread.

Source: Odoxa-Adviso Partners barometer of regional economies in lockdown, conducted for franceinfo, France Bleu and Challenges in April 2020.

Benefit from our advises on remote working and security

So, how can mobility be successfully reconciled with IT security? To help you see things more clearly, our teams are at your disposal to discuss and help you to achieve them in complete security.

Remote working: how to secure remote accesses

To tackle the security risks faced by all businesses, it is important that you secure your remote accesses with firewalls certified and accredited at the highest European level, and that you adapt your resources to suit your activity.

To help you achieve this, the Stormshield Network Security (SNS) range of physical and virtual firewall incorporates SSL VPN and IPsec VPN features. These next-generation UTM firewalls combine high network performance, modularity and business continuity to protect your infrastructure against all threats – including unknown threats!

How to guarantee the security of remote workstations

Tackling the risks of remote working also means protecting your workstations from the rise in increasingly modern and sophisticated attacks, including ransomware, fileless and zero-day attacks, that can successfully circumvent traditional protection tools.

Working in complement to these tools, our Stormshield Endpoint Security (SES) software solution blocks suspicious program behaviour in real time, offering a unique proactive and behavioural response that is particularly well-suited to operational and critical environments.

How to ensure data security when working remotely

Even within your company offices, the data handled by your employees is at risk of exposure. In potentially less secure situations, such as remote working, data theft is a cyberthreat that should be taken very seriously. One best practice for remote working, therefore, is to secure your own and your clients’ computer data, which may sometimes be spread across the cloud or transferred via collaboration tools (Office 365, Oodrive, SharePoint, etc.).

Our end-to-end data encryption software solution, Stormshield Data Security (SDS), gives you transparent protection, enabling your employees to work remotely in the cloud and on mobile in total safety and complete confidentiality.

Work remotely with total peace of mind thanks to trusted security solutions

Widespread remote working makes CISOs’ work more difficult: companies’ security policies need to take account of this new reality, and alongside this, CIOs must continue with their strategy of adapting their systems. The Covid-19 pandemic shouldn’t be seen as exceptional: should a new crisis arise, IT teams are duty-bound to be prepared, with the right responses and dedicated tools, if and when the time comes. The goal now is to be able to respond quickly to remote access requests while offering good levels of reliability and security.

Stormshield works to ensure your systems’ reliability each and every day, with comprehensive, robust and trusted security solutions that are recognised at the highest European levels.