SNi20 industrial firewall

Choose SNi20,
the new industrial firewall dedicated to industrial systems
which integrates without modifying the existing operational infrastructure

2,4 Gbps

Industrial firewall's
optimal performance


Easy Industrial
Network Integration

IEC 61850

Adapted for the power
utilities industry

10 ms

Maximum latency on
the operational network

Stateful DPI

Protocols support


Dedicated to Industrial Systems
with environmental constraints


By strengthening the security level on control systems and PLCs, and conducting a deep inspection (Stateful DPI) of the traffic on the operational network, it will reduce the risk of corruption for data flow and business application

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)


The high-availability function and fail-safe mode guarantee connectivity even in the event of a hardware or software firewall failure, ensuring operational network availability and continuity of service


Based on certified and qualified firmware, the development processes around SNi20 guarantee the robustness of the solution and the quality of the protection

Industrial environments

The new SNi20 solution brings security and network integration in a single product to meet your environmental constraints

Distributed OT

Stormshield Network Security's administration solution offers a turnkey solution for global management of your OT networks. Easily manage your security policy for effective protection of your industrial system


The new SNi20 industrial firewall allows to couple a secure, fast and transparent filtering policy with high quality communication security to guarantee secure remote maintenance

The industrial range continues to expand

With the new SNi20, Stormshield completes its range of solutions dedicated to the protection of operational systems. Compare the SNi20 and SNi40 to find the product that meets your needs

A comprehensive range...
Stormshield Network Security is a comprehensive range of network security solutions including two ruggedized models, the SNi20 and SNi40, for environments with major operational constraints.

... and a single software
The Stormshield range has a single configuration interface which enables you to manage your security policy easily and implement a complete protection inside or around your industrial system.

Joint centralised management
Stormshield Network Security’s centralised administration solution offers joint management and supervision between the IT and OT networks. It helps you control your security policy in a global way to enable you to reduce operating costs.

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