Stormshield and Sesame IT, the French leader in network cyber threat detection, today announced the interoperability of their solutions to meet the cybersecurity challenges of companies and organisations whose activities are critical and sensitive.

The Stormshield Network Security range and Sesame IT's Jizô NxDR solution are independently certified by the ANSSI and thus meet the needs of companies whose activities are critical and sensitive (OIV, OSE, companies subject to the French Military Programming Law, security incident prevention providers, etc.).


Stormshield & Sesame IT interoperability

The two companies have set up a partnership to make their solutions interoperable. Thus, they have jointly developed and documented an optimal configuration, which also saves a lot of time in terms of integration and maintenance in operational condition.

"Our experience shows that deploying a secure environment and in particular deploying IPSEC tunnels and maintaining them in operational condition is often complicated. The interoperability of our solution with the Stormshield Network Security firewall range allows us to facilitate this process. This combination is the result of intensive work by our teams and those of our partner Stormshield. It responds to the demands of the market and of players who are increasingly threatened and wish to take the best measures, even when they are not subject to the LPM" says Audrey Gayno-Amedro, CEO of Sesame IT.


Optimising the cybersecurity of sensitive companies

This partnership meets a strong demand from OIVs and companies subject to the LPM, with the aim of optimising their cybersecurity. But this issue is also increasingly relevant to all types of companies, across all sectors, which are seeking to deploy certified solutions to guarantee the integrity of their data and the continuity of their activities in a context of a significant increase in cyber attacks.

"As French cybersecurity solution vendors, we have a duty to provide our customers with optimal cybersecurity that is easy to deploy. The LPM and the regulations on OIVs, which lead us to continuously improve the security of IT architectures, must not make us forget the importance of cooperation between players, especially French and sovereign players. Cybersecurity is a team effort where collaboration and interoperability are paramount" says Eric Hohbauer, Deputy CEO of Stormshield.

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