Stormshield, a leading cybersecurity company on the European market, and Seclab, a publisher of cyberprotection solutions for critical industrial systems, have formed a strategic alliance in order to increase their standing when it comes to the protection of industrial networks (OT).

An increasingly interconnected and radically changing industry

In contrast to traditional computer networks (IT), which have plenty of mature security solutions, OT networks have always been more vulnerable owing to a lack of available security options. But with the advent of Industry 4.0, these OT networks are becoming increasingly connected, particularly with IT networks—which only makes them more exposed to threats.
It has therefore become a strategic imperative to secure the connection points between these various networks, in order to effectively protect sensitive industrial environments.

Essential security on multiple levels

Stormshield and Seclab are offering certified, complementary solutions to ensure optimal protection for data packet transport layers and business application data. More specifically, Seclab’s Denelis solution prevents intrusions into transport layers, while Stormshield’s solution (Stormshield Network Security) ensures the integrity of data packets by inspecting their contents to safeguard business processes. Both solutions complement each other nicely, which provides numerous benefits to the industrial market—including comprehensive security coverage for the network and for all perimeters, as well as greater flexibility and ease of implementation.

Robert Wakim, Industrial Offer Manager at Stormshield, explains: “The existence of this environment of trust is a real opportunity for our industrial customers, who are looking for a comprehensive solution to secure their various OT environments, supplied by trusted partners that have perfect command of the security issues related to their businesses and industries.

Xavier Facélina, CEO of Seclab, adds: “The cybersecurity of critical or industrial systems poses a unique challenge: the level of separation needed between IT and OT can sometimes impede the implementation of software-based security solutions. On the other hand, software provides greater flexibility and configurability compared to electronics-based separation solutions. The combination of Stormshield’s and Seclab’s solutions offers the best of both worlds to our customers.

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To address cyber threats to operational networks (OTs), which are on the rise with the deployment of Industry 4.0 (Cloud, Big Data, 5G, Internet of Things), Stormshield recommends a single, comprehensive approach. The aim is to ensure that networks function properly and that there is continuity of activity for all players: energy, transport, industry, health, etc.
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