Leading European cybersecurity company Stormshield has just announced the launch of its new ranges of SN-L-Series and SN-XL-Series firewalls, which will be previewed at the InCyber 2024 forum.

These new ranges complement the SN-S-Series and SN-M-Series, and remain based on a scalable platform that enables customers of each range to upgrade their infrastructures simply by changing their licences.


SN-L-Series range for large corporate sites

With high VPN performance for connecting remote workers and offices, the SN-L-Series range is intended primarily to address the needs of large corporate sites and distributed VPN centres. It incorporates two new firewalls: the SN-L-Series-2200, which meets the current and future scalability needs of these companies, and the SN-L-Series-3200, via a license upgrade, for more performance.

SN-XL-Series range for SD-WAN networks

The SN-XL-Series range is aimed at companies who wish to improve their datacentre security or build a SD-WAN network covering their branches. Offering up to 300 Gbps+ of firewall throughput, the two new high-performance firewalls in the range – the SN-XL-Series-5200 and the SN-XL-Series-6200 – also provide Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to institutions (ministries, offices, embassies, etc.) and large organisations.

In addition, beyond traditional VPN requirements for high-performance secure remote connections, each of these new firewalls will have the ability to be fitted with additional network modules, addressing advanced fine segmentation requirements for complex infrastructures and also delivering connectivity up to 100 Gbps.

And of course, these new ranges incorporate everything required to ensure business continuity, namely redundant power supply and SSD hard drives, but also, in the case of firewalls from the SN-XL-Series range, an Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) that can disable or restart the firewall remotely using a secondary network connection, even if the main system is out of use.

Stormshield firewalls main features

  • Firewall performance:
    • SN-L-Series: 85-115 Gbps
    • SN-XL-Series: 198-318 Gbps
  • IPsec VPN Performance:
    • SN-L-Series: 16-27 Gbps
    • SN-XL-Series: 41-64 Gbps
  • Number of IPsec VPN tunnels: up to 30,000, depending on model
  • Modular redundant power supply
  • 2 x 2.5GbE copper interfaces as standard
  • 2 x SSD hard drives in RAID 1 configuration
  • IPMI: secondary remote management system (SN-XL-Series)

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The network expansion capabilities of the SN-L-Series give you the ultimate in configuration flexibility. Give yourself configuration flexibility.
The high performance of the SN-XL-Series VPN and SD-WAN concentrators gives you the confidence to provide high-speed, secure connections to your data centres, branch offices, remote offices and teleworkers. Deploy secure remote connections.
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