ATMs: the preferred target for cyber attacks

In a report published earlier this week, Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (the European cyberpolice office) takes a look at how cyber attacks against ATMs have been evolving. And the crucial importance of implementing more effective protection.

Cashing in on ATM malware

This report, which is available on the Europol website, traces the (many) cyber attacks directed at ATMs. Since its beginnings in 2009 to the latest new releases in early 2017, “the malware being used has evolved significantly and the scope and scale of the attacks have grown proportionally,” said Steven Wilson, Head of EC3.

The purpose of these attacks has always been two-fold: obtain money in cash and retrieve credit card data. The first attacks, which were physical, involved plugging USB keys (or CDs) directly into an ATM. Now, attacks target banking networks directly to hack the system and control several ATMs at the same time.

Stormshield Endpoint Security: a firm response to cyber threats

Banking institutions must therefore protect themselves from these attacks, both in terms of their ATMs and their networks.

With our Stormshield Endpoint Security solution, you can now secure your assets with proactive and behavioral protection. While protecting ATMs, this solution allows you to control all the peripheral devices, disks, and applications that are installed there, and to run only certified .exe programs. And with our range of Stormshield Network Security solutions, you can maintain 100% reliable connectivity by controlling bandwidth, prioritizing traffic and managing redundant network connections. By keeping tabs on traffic, you are also protected against denial of service attacks (DDoS).

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