Education and Academia

Schools and universities are faced with specific requirements in terms of data protection. New laws and regulations require them to focus more than ever on issues related to information security. At the same time, these institutions must allow straightforward, comprehensive access to lessons and programs, which are often distributed and accessed remotely.

Top-of-the-class Performance

You need a security solution that evolves with your network and offers both extremely reliable connectivity and maximum protection. This solution has to be simple to ensure your security resources are focused on mission-critical operations, not bogged down in redundant administrative tasks. Ultimately, your network needs to continuously evolve in order to cope with the increasing need for collaborative work.

Stormshield Network Security offers high performance products that prevent any loss in performance between the network and the Internet. All comparative technical analyses are performed with an activated intrusion prevention system (IPS), which maintains performance when you activate security measures.

Secure your communications

In education, sharing information among administrative services, academic divisions, and other departments plays an important role. This requires secure communications and control of confidential data. Furthermore, your users now expect exceptionally fast response times and high levels of service.

All Stormshield Network Security products are equipped with IPSec VPN technology for encrypted communication at no additional cost. Information sent over open environments, such as the Internet, is therefore protected against data interception and tampering.

Secure workstations

Negligence, whether by students or staff, is a major cause of security incidents today. Putting in place protective tools helps raise awareness of cybersecurity issues.

Choosing Stormshield Endpoint Security gives you an essential tool to:

  • Manage user workstation behavior and determine which actions are considered acceptable and which are prohibited.
  • Effectively fight against data leaks and losses as well as against viruses from malicious use of IT equipment provided by the school.
  • Manage the use of external storage devices (such as USB drives and other removable devices) and ensure that workstations are virus-free and have up-to-date Windows patches.

Centralize your security management

Too much network security equipment often leads to a significant increase in administrative tasks. However, our centralized administration solution simplifies the management of your entire IT system and the delegation of rights, notably in managing borderline cases.

Centralized management helps you limit the time you spend managing remote equipment by giving you a single console. It also enables you to efficiently manage all of your Stormshield products.


For educational institutions who are serious about security, you need to be able to trace all connections and access to files in order to have comprehensive visibility of your network and to detect unauthorized attempts to access data. Detection not only involves identifying each unique user, but also requires high-performance monitoring and reporting tools.

At no additional cost, Stormshield products include logging and reporting modules that allow you to save and generate reports on all connections made during a given period, all while taking the user’s identity into account.