The quantity of critical data hosted in datacenters continues to increase with the widespread adoption of both public and private cloud computing. Effective protection must be preventative and based on an understanding of sophisticated and/or targeted attacks’ life cycle while ensuring the surveillance of internal and external traffic. Stormshield solutions guarantee high availability, secure access, and network segmentation so that datacenters can meet their customers and partners’ expectations.

Reconciling security, reliability & flexibility

Hosting solution providers as well as their users have high expectations in terms of security, reliability, and flexibility – without compromising performance. Stormshield Network Security solutions are designed to meet these needs and secure critical infrastructures.

Suitable for complex IT architectures, our products:

  • Ensure service continuity by combining high availability and connection redundancy.
  • Are scalable so as to easily manage increases in traffic.
  • Provide complete coverage by combining a firewall, an intrusion prevention system (IPS), and VPN mobility and IPSec interconnection features into a single piece of hardware that offers a comprehensive set of security services.

Stormshield Network Security solutions also meet the needs of organizations that have the highest security requirements, such as those responsible for critical infrastructures. Our products possess the highest levels of certification on the market, having obtained NATO, EU RESTRICTED, and ANSSI’s EAL4+ qualifications.

End-to-end risk management

Take advantage of Stormshield Network Security solutions and protect yourself from internal as well as external threats and get complete visibility of your installation.

  • Isolate your sensitive data storage spaces with network segmentation and the implementation of filtering rules.
  • Set parameters for access rights with fine configuration of security policies.
  • Maintain complete visibility of your networks and access in real time with Stormshield Visibility Center.

Reducing operating costs

Choosing Stormshield Network Security means choosing the lowest total cost of operation (TCO) and the best cost per gigabit on the market.

  • Activating security carries no additional charge: the IPS is always activated by default on our multifunction firewalls.
  • Most updates for Stormshield devices are automatic. The signature database on which the antivirus and intrusion prevention is built is automatically updated on a regular basis, saving administrators time and costs. Signatures can also be updated at your convenience (for example, during scheduled maintenance). Regardless of the operating procedure, you can also connect your signature database to an update mirror server within your installation.