Stormshield Data Security

CSDA – Understand the principles of using an encryption tool in two days

Certified Stormshield Data Administrator (CSDA) training is provided over a two-day period and is validated by passing a certification exam. It allows participants to understand and use a trusted product that has been certified by ANSSI (the French national information security agency) for data protection and encryption.

CSDE – Manage your data security centrally in an information system

Certified Stormshield Data Expert (CSDE) training is provided over a three-day period and is validated by passing a certification exam. It gives participants the opportunity to learn more about the administration tool and the configuration of the Stormshield Data Authority Manager console that enables data security to be managed centrally within an information system. CSDA training is a prerequisite for this course.

CSDCM – Collaborate in Cloud and mobile infrastructures in complete security and confidentiality

Certified Stormshield Data Cloud and Mobility (CSDCM) training allows participants to master the context and deployment environment of the Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility solution. This training is not offered in person, the recommended duration of autonomous work on the course material is 14 hours.

The advantage of Stormshield Data Security training

Boost your information system’s security.

With our Multi Layer Collaborative Security (MLCS) approach, taking the CSDA training course will enable you to learn more about SDS Easy as well as how to use a SNS device’s PKI to protect sensitive data with SDS.

Whatever the size of your business, CSDE training explores all the possible scenarios for securing your data, including external PKIs and chip cards.

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