In mobility

Teleworking and travel by your employees presents a number of risks for your company's data. But these can be greatly reduced with the help of some good practices.

Data in teleworking and mobile environments: the likely cyber-risks

Obviously, your company's business activity doesn’t stop at the gates of your premises. And the same is true of cyber-risks.

Mobile employees, whether teleworking or travelling, can compromise your company's IT security and endanger the data handled by your staff. This is particularly true in cases where they:

  • use poorly protected Wi-Fi networks in public areas or heavily-frequented areas (hotels, public transport, etc.),
  • use unsecured Cloud platforms,
  • or use their personal equipment without protection.

hey then inadvertently run the risk of data theft, leakage or loss. And this poses a problem regarding the requirements of confidentiality, integrity and even availability of your data.

Not to mention the fact that your employees may not always exercise total care when travelling outside the company. We’ve probably all seen those forgotten laptops on train tables... an absolute gift for anyone intent on causing cyber-harm.

How to ensure data security in a teleworking environment

Fortunately, prevention measures exist to minimise the cyber-threats associated with mobile computing. You can do this by :

  • ensuring that data protection devices are installed on all equipment,
  • securing connections by means of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to create a secure tunnel between the remote workstation and your corporate network,
  • setting up secure identification and authentication systems for each user profile,
  • limiting the use of external peripherals (USB sticks, hard drives, etc.),
  • or raising awareness and training employees in the dangers inherent in working on the move and best practices for minimising them.

Stormshield Data Security, for encrypted exchange


So that your employees can work on the move without causing your IT managers to break out in a sweat, we have developed an end-to-end encryption solution to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data and provide control over file sharing.

This solution integrates Agentless Encryption technology, which enables confidential documents to be protected and decrypted directly in a browser, without recourse to a Cloud service or provider, even when dealing with external contacts. So, who's afraid of the big, bad Cloud? Not you! Keep control of your data while collaborating in the Cloud and on mobile devices, with total security and confidentiality.

Stormshield Endpoint Security, for context-sensitive protection

The level of risk created by the surrounding environment varies depending on whether your employees are on the move or at company premises. They therefore require carefully tailored protection, delivered by a dynamically flexible security policy. Our Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution solution merges behavioural protection and device control to react dynamically to your employees’ environments.

This unique ability to adapt ensures that when the situation changes, automatic action is taken to harden the level of protection.

Stormshield Network Security, for secure communications

Give your employees secure access to company resources – wherever they are, and from any device. Our range of Stormshield Network Security firewalls and IPSec VPN and SSL VPN functionality provides a link between your company and your employees.

It’s a quick-response service you can deploy to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your data when dealing with urgent mobility requirements.

Maybe you have a more specific question about data protection in mobile environments? Do you have a project in mind that you would like to discuss or a specific technical point on which you need advice? Our sales and pre-sales teams are at your disposal to provide further information.