SDS training course: learn about data protection with us

With our Stormshield Data Security training course, you’ll be able to guarantee a high level of encryption and protection for your company data. Protecting a company's sensitive data is a particularly sensitive issue and deserves special attention. This gives you what you need to foil any interception, leakage or other cyber attacks, and erect an impenetrable protective barrier around your sensitive information.

With our CSDA training, encryption tools will be an open book to you

This training course provides the essential knowledge needed to deploy and administer the Stormshield Data Security Enterprise (SDSE) solution. It also enables you to master the Stormshield Data Management Center (SDMC) administration console, configure security policies to ensure optimum protection of all your company's data (email, cloud, local, server) and maintain the SDSE solution.

Re-certification kits

In common with all good software, you’ll need to update your data security expertise before the third anniversary of your certification. You can do this using our online re-certification kits, which allow you to renew your certification for an additional three years.


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