Cybersecurity for OT / ICS / SCADA
in the Middle East and Africa

Today, the digital space is a veritable promised land, where everyone is searching for new ways to create value. While the opportunities are infinite in cyberspace, so are the dangers. And in the face of a complex and versatile world, no one can claim to be able to face all of the threats that are out there, all on their own. Sooner or later, we all need to rely on a trusted third party. As a leading European publisher of cybersecurity solutions for IT and OT infrastructures, Stormshield provides you with the answer to this issue.

Our identity: a trusted and close partner

Confidence in information system security and protection solutions is more than ever the focus of attention. What's the point of putting in place a security product if it is ineffective? Or worse, if the security product itself has weaknesses that can be exploited by cybercrime, or even backdoors making your data and information systems accessible to unscrupulous organisations. However, trust cannot be decreed, it has to be earned. To earn your trust, we have our technology audited with complete and total transparency and have decided to align our solutions to the best standards. To date, our products and solutions are the only ones to have the highest-level European certifications (NATO Restricted, EAL3 and EAL4+ Common Criteria, EU Restricted, Security Visas issued by ANSSI (French cybersecurity agency), etc.).

And to meet these significant challenges, since 2012 we have been backed by the greatest European industrial achievement: Airbus. A subsidiary of Airbus CyberSecurity, we are now operating in a global, shareholder-driven environment, while retaining our operational autonomy. At the same time, we have created a large-scale network of partners around renowned industrial groups and more than 900 certified distributors-resellers active in 40 countries. This closeness is a crucial factor that allows us to work together to develop simpler, more reliable security offerings that serve as a robust alternative to the endless race for "more and more features" that the cybersecurity sector has thrown itself into.

Looking for a trusted cybersecurity partner in the Middle East and Africa?

In this uncertain world, there are numerous cybersecurity questions concerning both IT and OT infrastructures: how can I protect my networks? how can I protect my mobile workers? what about my scada security? and my ICS security? how can I ensure that my proprietary protocol is secure? how can I obtain training on OT security? Contact the Stormshield team to discuss your needs.

How to be contacted?

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One solution for full DPI of Industrial Protocols

Detect and protect without impacting your industrial activity. This security appliance can be installed easily in industrial environments thanks to a simple setup procedure. The network security product range is adapted to your requirements: in an IT Hardware format to protect the IT network or in an OT Hardware format with Stormshield SNi40, an appliance specifically designed to protect PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller).

With Stormshield Network Security's global solution, integrate a single software product for a one-stop administration process regardless of the area of activity (OT or IT).

Our mission: ensuring cyber-serenity for organisations using critical and operational infrastructures

In the face of these cyber threats, it is necessary to maintain the control and management of your data, infrastructures – and obviously the security that goes with them. Developments in the regulations encourage the inclusion of this dimension.

And this need to control is increased with the emergence of Industry 4.0 and the Industry of the Future. IT and OT environments are converging, becoming hyperconnected and thereby contributing to the expansion of attack surfaces. OT infrastructures, previously isolated, cut off from the Internet, are therefore increasingly exposed to intrusion risks. In these environments, the risks do not relate only to data or IT equipment but more importantly to the integrity of assets and people, or even to the stability of economies and institutions.

Our expertise: serving your IT and OT security

Our expertise enables us to support companies with extreme criticality in relation to cybersecurity issues. And when IT & OT become vital factors in economic, societal, technical and human terms, it is necessary to be able to be reactive and resilient. Ensuring the interconnection of these two worlds while maintaining effective segmentation is essential in order to avoid cyberattacks.

To ensure the cyber-serenity of your activities, we are working passionately on the development of sustainable protection against the most advanced threats. In choosing Stormshield, you are being supported by a recognised partner in the IT and OT sectors, but also implementing a global solution, based on a portfolio of mature products meeting the constraints of the different environments to be protected.

Flexible and agile, our protection solutions can be adapted to your infrastructure and remain transparent for your users so as not to be an obstacle to their productivity.

Protecting networks and infrastructures with Stormshield Network Security

A comprehensive range of latest generation UTM firewalls and industrial firewalls, available in physical or virtual version. Adapted to all types of environment, more or less critical and sensitive, these products provide modularity, scalability, high performance and unequalled business continuity.

Protecting data with Stormshield Data Security

A software solution that ensures end-to-end confidentiality of sensitive data, regardless of the media (e-mails, USB keys and file servers), terminals (workstation and mobile) and applications (“on premise” or cloud) on which these data are stored or shared.

Protecting workstations and servers with Stormshield Endpoint Security

Autonomous protection dedicated to critical and non-connected environments, based on a unique behavioural approach. Thanks to proactive security mechanisms, the solution blocks zero-day threats and advanced attacks, without the need for signatures.

Discover the Stormshield difference operationally through our comprehensive offering of quality solutions. Whether you need to protect your network, your workstations or your data, we meet both the IT and OT cybersecurity challenges.

Stormshield, a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus CyberSecurity, offers innovative end-to-end security solutions to protect networks (Stormshield Network Security), workstations (Stormshield Endpoint Security) and data (Stormshield Data Security).