Stormshield Visibility Center: A unique supervision solution for Stormshield product suite

Stormshield, a key European player in the cybersecurity market, is launching Stormshield Visibility Center (SVC), its supervision solution for security events across the entire suite of Stormshield products. SVC is for any company, regardless of its size. This product offers administrators a turnkey solution that provides comprehensive, unified visibility of the security of their information systems.

Comprehensive, unified supervision of security events

With Stormshield Visibility Center, Stormshield centralizes and unifies the presentation of security events from all Stormshield products (SNS, SES, SDS, SDS for Cloud & Mobility).

This intuitive solution offers complete visibility of the network (Cloud or on-premise), the workstations and servers, and even usage of the organization’s data. It also fits perfectly into the “Multi-layer Collaborative Security” strategy initiated by Stormshield. This approach is based on active, intelligent collaboration among the different security solutions. It allows customers to benefit from a comprehensive support strategy so as to thoroughly protect their information systems in real time.

Fast, seamless integration

Stormshield Visibility Center was designed to facilitate security administrators’ work and save them time. The solution integrates into the Stormshield ecosystem quickly and seamlessly: it is deployed with just a few clicks, the Stormshield products’ logs are then automatically interpreted, and the analysis of these logs can be immediately viewed in the dashboard.

Thus, administrators can easily access events, quickly diagnose which incidents should be handled first, and optimize the time needed to make the expected improvements.

Pertinent, customizable displays

The teams that designed Stormshield Visibility Center leveraged all of Stormshield’s know-how – whether it be network, data, or workstation security – to design the most pertinent displays that best suit users’ needs. As an example, SVC includes the Dynamic Host Reputation component specific to the Stormshield Network Security solution, which enables you to track the evolution of your IT systems’ reputation.

Stormshield Visibility Center also allows to customize or create specific displays to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Proximity to the Stormshield ecosystem

Lastly, all information regarding the SVC solution is available in the Co-Lab space. This collaborative platform provides tutorials and information showcasing all new features. It’s a discussion space where Stormshield, its partners, and its customers can share their experiences with the product.

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