A strong advocate of Open Source, Stormshield is an active member of the FreeBSD community (advanced Open Source operating system). The company is a firm believer in the benefits of collaborative innovation and has just shored up its commitments by lending financial support to the developers' community.


Open Source, an essential component

Open Source is an essential component of Stormshield's whole approach. That's why it chose FreeBSD for its UTM solutions and Next-Generation Firewalls. The collaborative approach that Stormshield has adopted means it can share all of the upgrades and changes made to its programs with the FreeBSD developers' community, the aim being to continually improve the technology.


Stormshield and FreeBSD, an enduring relationship

Taking its commitment to the next level, the next step for Stormshield involves making a financial contribution to the FreeBSD Foundation to help the platform speed up its development and recruit new developers. "In 1998, we chose the FreeBSD community to help us breathe life into our vision of network security. Today, we are in a position to help this community realize its own vision," says Fabien Thomas, Stormshield's Chief Innovation Officer.

"We are delighted that Stormshield is joining the investors who support what FreeBSD and its Foundation are doing," says Deb Goodkin, Executive Director of the FreeBSD Foundation. "We are extremely pleased that Stormshield recognizes the relevance of our support for this project and how it can help with fundamental issues such as recruiting software developers for improving the operating system and designing and launching new versions, as well as in providing consultancy, training, and maintaining the technical expertise that we offer around the world for FreeBSD. Stormshield's financial support will provide us with the means we need to continue with our efforts to turn FreeBSD into a unique platform for training, products, research, computing, etc."

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