Stormshield receives the ECSO Cybersecurity Made In Europe label

Cybersecurity Made In Europe: a new label for Stormshield

The Cybersecurity Made In Europe label has one ambition: enabling a stronger, more competitive European cybersecurity market. By receiving this label, Stormshield crosses a new threshold in its approach for trusted European cybersecurity.

Developed by ECSO (European Cyber Security Organisation), the Cybersecurity Made In Europe label is intended to promote European cybersecurity and increase the visibility of European companies. The French company, Alliance pour la Confiance Numérique, as a founding member ECSO, awarded the label to us.


For trusted European cybersecurity

ECSO has a mission to represent the cybersecurity ecosystem at the European level. To support the protection of the European digital market, the label helps a company stand out from extra-European players, raises awareness about the strategic value of trusted European cybersecurity companies, and increases their visibility with end users, potential partners, and investors.


Trustworthy cybersecurity products and services

But the awarding of the label is not subject to a geographic location. Indeed, it establishes a certain number of criteria to be respected – particularly including cybersecurity products and services in-house in compliance with a repository from the European agency, ENISA. With, among other things, requirements in terms of security-by-design, least privilege, transparency, and service continuity.


The label is part of our continuous process of security qualification and certification with the competent European authorities. And which supplements the NATO Restricted, EAL3 and EAL4+, EU Restricted, and French Security labels as well as the Spanish “Producto CCN Aprobado” and “Producto CCN Cualificado” qualifications that Stormshield solutions have already received. And which show the way to more!

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