Stormshield announces its participation in the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC), the main European event for digital security and trust. On this occasion, Stormshield will present its new XDR (eXtended Detection and Response) offer.

Despite the multiple deployment of security products to protect networks, workstations, servers and data, cyber attacks are multiplying and often achieve their objectives. Several reasons explain this: increasingly heterogeneous and complex configurations, a multiplication of events, behaviors difficult to interpret, and a lack of reactivity and visibility of infrastructures, undeniably leading to a lack of protection.


A fully integrated and controlled XDR offering

To address these new, complex and multi-faceted threats, Stormshield makes its expertise available to its customers to minimise risks and improve cyber operational productivity. Thus, Stormshield's XDR offering is a comprehensive solution dedicated to the workspace, network or workload security to fill the gaps inherent in the integration of SIEM/SOAR security solutions. Stormshield's XDR offering is the ideal combination of Stormshield Network Security to protect the network and Stormshield Endpoint Security to secure the endpoints, all enhanced by Stormshield's expertise in Threat Intelligence to anticipate the threat.

All of this is orchestrated by Stormshield Log Supervisor to provide real-time alerts and a quick and sustainable response, both on the network and on the endpoints. This new offer allows Stormshield to tackle XDR, by highlighting one of the brand's strengths: offering trusted, fully sovereign European solutions.


Improve the cyber operational efficiency of your infrastructure

At the 2023 edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum in Lille, several demonstrations of Stormshield's XDR offering were given by Sébastien Viou, Product Cybersecurity Director, and Pierre-Olivier Kaplan, R&D Engineer. Three sessions on XDR were also broadcast live from the stand. You can now watch them on our dedicated web page and on our YouTube channel.

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With Stormshield XDR, you can be notified of incidents based on analyses of your endpoints, networks and other web and email files, before managing the response with your various security products, driven by centralised incident management.
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