Stormshield, European standard-bearer in cybersecurity and subsidiary of the Airbus group, has announced growth for 2018 in excess of 20%, driven by a sharp increase in French and European sales. The company is reaffirming its position as the leading pure-play cybersecurity software developer in France.

Stormshield is a leader of digital confidence with a presence in various countries in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland) and beyond (Middle East and United States). It develops technologies that receive Europe's top certifications and qualifications, which attest to the quality of its products and development processes. Stormshield is also committed to having ANSSI (the French national cybersecurity agency) evaluate its products on a continual basis, thereby solidifying the company's role as strategic partner to the most sensitive stakeholders (CNI, OES, Defence).


A year of acceleration for Stormshield

With its reinforced staff ranks and evolving range of solutions, and with the support of its network of value-added resellers and integration partners, Stormshield experienced sustained growth in every country over the past 12 months (with average growth in the double digits and at least twice the market growth).

We believe that technology and confidence are important but not sufficient without local support; the availability of key supplier stakeholders, responsiveness, and constant customer service are required to take advantage of cybersecurity products' full potential and benefit from a high-quality user experience. We support our customers every day in the digital transformation of their businesses by providing the solutions they need to protect their infrastructure and data and secure their communications.

Matthieu Bonenfant, Chief Marketing Officer at Stormshield

New industrial partners

Stormshield also spent 2018 securing new key partnerships, both in industry (OT integrators, developers and manufacturers of industrial systems) and in critical communications systems, strengthening its grasp as a mainstay in the sector and facilitating the launch of its high-value projects. This focus contributed greatly to Stormshield's growth in 2018 and to the initiation of new projects currently under deployment.

Without a doubt, 2018 was a year of considerable change, breathing new life and drive into our work, building out our teams and boosting our market share in strategic segments such as industrial cybersecurity. Passing €43 million in sales was a milestone for us and this year, so far, we have continued to see net growth. We can now set our sights on the next milestone in terms of volume of activity. We will continue on this path of significant development in 2019 by pursuing further investment, recruiting 40 new hires and developing new products and services.

Pierre-Yves Hentzen, CEO of Stormshield

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As a key player in cyber security, Stormshield provides companies worldwide with a trusted European alternative for protecting critical infrastructure, sensitive data and operational environments. And in an increasingly complex geopolitical environment, which combines national governments and major digital players, Stormshield is committed to an ambitious strategic project: to become the European choice for cybersecurity.
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