Stormshield develops collaborative innovation with Open Source projects

For many years now, Stormshield, a leading player in the European cybersecurity market, has wanted to develop its projects in Open Source, attracted by the collaborative dimension of this approach. In line with its "Multi Layer Collaborative Security" approach, the benefits of the virtuous circle induced by Open Source have led the company to encourage the development of internal research and innovation projects.

Open Source: more collaboration for more stability

Stormshield has chosen to rely on FreeBSD (an advanced Open Source operating system) to develop the foundation for the software embedded in Stormshield Network Security products. This choice of Open Source is in line with Stormshield's corporate culture which, through its "Multi Layer Collaborative Security" vision, aims to make the entire ecosystem and security players collaborate to bring common solutions to the market.

"For reasons of commercial protection, we could have developed support for our platforms internally, but we are certain that what ensures the stability and quality of the code is to make it public. Sharing allows us to bring other views on the code and thus improve it. We hope that this code will be reused for other products and that the companies that run them will contribute in the same way in return. It's a virtuous circle that aims to improve the ecosystem," says Fabien Thomas, CTO of Stormshield.

In this way, Stormshield shares with the FreeBSD community all the evolutions and modifications of its programs. These changes are beneficial to all FreeBSD users and allow Stormshield to ensure that the code is reviewed by FreeBSD developers and that the changes made take into account all use cases and then have them tested by a large target group of expert users.

An approach that affects the entire R&D chain

Given the success of this collaborative development mode, Stormshield has extended the concept to other areas of interest.

For example, Stormshield favors the Open Source model to accelerate the development of new research programs. The company recently presented Haka, an innovative network traffic analysis project in an easy-to-use language. Developed in Open Source, this tool, which facilitates the interpretation of malicious behavior and malware, can now be used by security researchers around the world.

Stormshield also encourages contributions to internal open source projects that will be useful to the company. Through an internal innovation process based on ITO (Innovation Time Off), employees can devote their working time to personal security projects. Stormshield's aim is to encourage the creativity of its employees and thus facilitate the emergence of new ideas.

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