Stormshield announces its receipt of Standard Qualification for its Stormshield Network Security (SNS) range. After Common Criteria EAL4+ certification in last December, this level of trust granted by ANSSI enables Essential Entities (EE) and Important Entities (IE) to use solutions that address their security challenges.

This pledge of trust by ANSSI reinforces Stormshield’s continuous investments to offer ever more secure, robust and recognised solutions. This Standard Qualification is all the more rewarding given that ANSSI imposes a very strict set of requirements.


A mark of confidence for critical infrastructures

As with EAL4+ Common Criteria certification, all firewall features (filtering, attack detection, bandwidth and security policy management, audit, and strong administrator authentication), VPN (IPSec DR) and administration functions were audited and analysed. The evaluation demonstrated that the range of Stormshield Network Security firewalls delivers the level of robustness required to ensure the security of the EE/IE infrastructures and the networks subject to instruction II n°901. This confirms Stormshield’s positioning as a trusted European player in critical infrastructures.

This qualification also demonstrates the range’s compliance with the IPsec DR standard, enabling deployment in Restricted Distribution approved systems, i.e. sensitive information from public and private administration services, such as local authorities or innovative mid-caps.

Furthermore, it ensures compliance with best practice in the development and hardening of SNS firewalls. The following were examined: compliance with the principle of least privilege in the design of the product, the quality of coding and the code compilation options. The centralised management console (SMC) was also subjected to pentests, configuration, code and cryptographic audits.


Recognition for our work, targets for excellence and transparency

And for the Stormshield teams, this constitutes recognition of the work carried out on a daily basis, going hand in hand with the objectives of excellence and transparency that Stormshield seeks to bring to its customers throughout its range.

“The certification and qualification processes are demanding; they require considerable investment from our teams. The awarding of this regulatory “Holy Grail” is not only in recognition of a solution, but above all an acknowledgement of the work of our engineering teams. Furthermore, it offers an additional guarantee for our customers, as it gives them an assurance of a high level of security and a sovereign, trusted European solution that meets the highest national and international standards”, concludes Pierre-Yves Hentzen, CEO of Stormshield.

More information in video

In this video, Manuel Jordan, Product Marketing Manager, interviews Simon Dansette, Product Manager Stormshield Network Security, and Pierre-Yves Hentzen, Stormshield CEO, about the new Standard qualification awarded by ANSSI to our Stormshield Network Security firewalls.

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As a trusted player, our technologies, certified to the highest European level, guarantee you appropriate protection for your organisation's strategic or most sensitive information. Unified security, business continuity in complex architectures, flexibility & performance for critical infrastructures or other specific needs; find out more in the Stormshield Network Security range brochure.
About the author
Simon Dansette Product Manager, Stormshield

Simon joined Stormshield in the summer of 2017 after spending eight years on network and application performance. This experience was with large telecommunications companies. After handling management and visibility of Stormshield ecosystem logs, Simon is now developing the Network Security offering as a Product Manager.