Stormshield announces QUALIOPI certification for its training centre

Stormshield, a leading European player in the cybersecurity market, announces that its training centre has obtained QUALIOPI certification in the “training activity” category. This certification formally acknowledges the quality of the company’s training activities. In practical terms, QUALIOPI certifies the quality of the processes implemented by training organisations, thus contributing to skills development by ensuring that the target audiences for their training courses are eligible to receive public and shared funding.


A Qualiopi accreditation

Stormshield has been granted this certification – based on 7 criteria assessed by a certifying body accredited by France’s Cofrac accreditation committee – for all the training courses offered by its training centre:

  • Informing the public;
  • Designing training courses;
  • Managing trainees;
  • Human and physical teaching resources;
  • Managing trainers;
  • The socio-economic environment;
  • Monitoring training courses.

The maturity of Stormshield’s training process enabled it to pass the audit without any non-conformities.


Deliver quality training

This certification – valid for 3 years and reassessed mid-term by a monitoring audit – is enabling Stormshield to deliver quality training to its trainees while continuously improving its processes. As a result, during 2021, Stormshield was able to focus on improving a number of essential aspects, such as educational monitoring or disability management.

In addition to the funding benefits for Stormshield professional training, certification crucially amounts to an acknowledgement of the work of all the teams in the training centre and the quality of our educational materials,” says Xavier Prost, manager of training and documentation teams at Stormshield.

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Securing an information system is far from a one-click process, no matter how powerful and intuitive the solution you’re using! That’s why, thanks to our Stormshield certified training courses, you will be able to design security policies tailored to the various different environments in your company. Make your choice according to your needs, depending on the level of skills you require and the area of protection to be consolidated: networks, data, servers and workstations or OT environments.
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