With Franck Bourguet, Stormshield strengthens its management team

Franck Bourguet has joined the Stormshield Management Committee as Vice President of Engineering. His strategic mission is to organise and structure R&D activities so as to guarantee and continually improve product quality and security, while supporting innovation and the technological choices of the future.

As leader of the engineering team, Franck Bourguet will support Stormshield's growth by ensuring product development methods are efficient and by improving existing offers to better meet the new cybersecurity needs of companies and organisations.

His priorities will be to develop solutions recognised for their technological excellence and featuring the highest level of security and confidence. He will also meet changing needs related to the digital transformation in terms of optimisation of the marketing cycle, innovation and agility.

His solid professional experience gained in leading structures such as Thales, where he held various technical management positions in France and abroad, will help him carry out his mission. As head of the Engineering department, he supervised a team of more than 150 employees. He is an expert in topics related to infrastructure, networks and security, and therefore has all the assets needed to best support the publisher in its growth.

We are proud to welcome Franck Bourguet to our management team. His expertise will allow us to set new objectives and strengthen our competitive advantage by developing breakthrough solutions to actively combat cyber threats.

Pierre-Yves Hentzen, CEO of Stormshield

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Karine Monmarché
Global Lead Marketing, Stormshield

Karine is Global Lead Marketing at Stormshield. Her multi-expertise background includes marketing and communication in all their guises. Well-versed in strategic and service offer marketing, in external, internal, Web & editorial communication, she has dedicated her career to exploring the areas she is passionate about: energy and new technologies in the broadest possible sense.