Cybermalveillance.gouv: Stormshield works with the French government to improve digital security

Cybersecurity makes the headlines in France. On Tuesday, October 17th, the French public-private partnership called Action Contre la Cybermalveillance (ACYMA) launched a national platform to assist the victims of cybercrime. The goal of this platform is to raise awareness, help prevent crime, and assist the French population with matters related to digital security. As a European leader in security for digital infrastructures, Stormshield has decided to get on board with this project.

This national launch featured talks by Louis Gautier, Secretary General of Defense and National Security, Guillaume Poupard, Director of ANSSI, and Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State in charge of Digital Affairs, and marks the first major event for ACYMA.

Learn more about the cybermalveillance.gouv platform


Make the digital world a sustainable and trustworthy environment

Stormshield is now directly involved in supporting and assisting the victims of cybercrime. A commitment that further affirms our values to “Build Trust” and create “Collaborative Success”.

“Our participation in this project is aligned with our mission to make the digital world a sustainable and trustworthy environment. We help companies and structures assume responsibility for all the data they manage,” said Matthieu Bonenfant, Marketing Director of Stormshield.

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