SecurityBox SmartFile Reader

SecurityBox SmartFile Reader is free software used to decrypt files generated by SecurityBox SmartFile or by the SecurityBox Filecomponent. With this software, you can decrypt and make changes to a file sent by a colleague, and return the modified file in a secure manner.

Installing the software

The SmartFile Reader software is an independent software application which is not actually installed; you simply download it and run it on your computer.

As a Windows end-user, you are entitled to run the software on your computer; no license is needed.

Running the Software

After downloading the software, just click on it once, and it will recognize all the encrypted files. The software will then run automatically whenever you double-click on a file with the “.box” extension.

Utilization kinematics

To decrypt a file received from a colleague, simply double-click on the file to run the SmartFile Reader.

  By clicking on this icon, you decrypt the file you received. Enter the password, and the decrypted file is automatically placed in the “My Documents” folder, where it can be opened and changed. Note that the original file is neither deleted nor changed by this operation.
Before returning the modified file to your colleague, you must make it secure. Specifically, this consists of replacing the content of the “.box” file (that you received from your colleague) by the content that you have just changed.
At the end of the operation, the “.box” file that your colleague originally sent, will contain the file you have changed.
Double-click on the original file to run the SmartFile Reader application.

  By clicking on this icon, you choose the file to make secure (this is the file you changed, that you are now returning to your colleague).The new changed file will replace the old file. Note that the same password is used to protect both the original file and the changed one.