This version 2.7 of the Stormshield Management Center solution delivers efficiency improvements and more secured administration for your teams, with enhanced long-term control over configuration settings.

A unified user experience

  • An identical user interface to Stormshield Network Security v4

Your teams can work more efficiently with simultaneous edits to configuration settings

  • Simultaneous, fully transparent changes
  • Real-time display of changes made by other administrators
  • Warnings of conflicts between different changes

Save time and avoid errors by detecting inconsistencies in your settings

  • Automatic real-time analysis
  • Rule compliance checks, empty groups, undefined variables, etc.

Increase administrator access security with two-factor authentication

  • Authentication via RADIUS protocol, mostly used for 2FA systems

Manage the new SNS v4 features from SMC

  • Filter rules now incorporate the Profinet protocol
  • MAC address filtering
  • Rule-by-rule disabling of HA replication
  • Default or editable temperature and password alerts management

But also...

  • Import and export objects and rules directly via the user interface
  • Fully secure one-click renewal of VPN secrets with the EST protocol


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