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Product advantages

Securing your virtual network

Stormshield Elastic Virtual Appliances offers companies proven security that is proactive in the face of future threats, guaranteeing real protection against internal and external threats. These solutions secure both employee productivity and business servers in virtual environments.

Be Agile and Secure

Securely support your deployments of Cloud services. Stormshield Elastic Virtual Appliance products adapt smoothly to the environments they protect. Integrating security into roll-outs of new virtualized services has never been so easy. You no longer have to choose between responsiveness and security. Stay agile!

Reducing costs

Stormshield Elastic Virtual Appliances provides companies with a comprehensive range of security features without initial cost through a simple service subscription that includes updates for the system and its various protective measures.

The performance of these products adapt automatically to the resources allocated on the hypervisor. You can thus finely control your operating costs according to the evolution needs of your infrastructure.

Turnkey integration

With Stormshield Elastic Virtual Appliances, you don’t have to make any changes to your existing infrastructure – these solutions are supported in most virtual environments: VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, OpenStack and KVM. Easily deployed and configured, Stormshield virtual appliances provide companies a complete visualization solution: real-time monitoring, detailed reports, vulnerability detection…

Seeing is believing: take our solutions for an online test drive

Before deciding on your next virtual appliance, why not test it for free? On Microsoft Azure, you can do exactly that. You’ll be able to deploy the solution in 5 minutes then test your environment using a virtual appliance, a honeypot server and an attacker client. With guidance from the documentation available in the test drive area, you can easily setup the configuration and learn how to manage the security policy in your virtual network.

Available in the Cloud MarketPlace

Physical or virtualized: equivalent protection

Virtualized environments in public or private clouds require advanced protection from threats that is equivalent to the protection given on physical servers.

With Stormshield Elastic Virtual Appliances, clients can now control and ensure the security of their cloud environments. All the multi-level security features that have contributed to the success of Stormshield products are available in this dedicated application.

Available for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

Stormshield Elastic Virtual Appliance allows protecting virtual servers and virtual networks hosted in a Microsoft Azure cloud. All the multi-level security features that have contributed to the success of Stormshield products are available in this dedicated application.

End to End protection

Thanks to a VPN connection set up between a Stormshield appliance installed onsite and a Stormshield Elastic Virtual Appliance, a datacenter can be safely extended in the cloud to create a private cloud.


As trusted vendor, Stormshield deploys technologies that have been certified at the highest level in Europe. The awarded certifications and qualifications guarantee an adapted level of protection for the strategic data of even the most sensitive businesses and organizations.

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