With our SN210W firewall, increase protection for your wireless networks with ease.





SN210W: information in brief

SN210W overview & datasheet

Are you looking for a network and Wi-Fi security solution tailored for remote sites? The SN210W firewall has been specifically designed to meet all your expectations. After just a few minutes of installation and configuration, you’ll be enjoying the many features of our all-in-one hardware: UTM solution (antivirus, IPS, web/URL filtering, antispam), secure remote communications (IPSec VPN), filtering policy and network segmentation. And, of course, deployment of secure Wi-Fi for your own internal network, and also for your visitors.

The SN210W solution is soon to be discontinued. Discover now the equivalent product, without WiFi, with the SN210. The same firmware, with the same promises of security and network protection for your business.

SN210W certifications

Your security is also a question of trust. By choosing the SN210W firewall, certified to the highest European level, you can be sure that all your strategic information is properly and optimally protected.


Visa de sécurité

Common criteria

SN210W demo

Want to know more about our SN210W UTM firewall before you make your decision? Contact the Stormshield sales team for access to our demonstration environment. And handle the product firmware.

SN210W: technical information

Technical specifications

Performance *

Firewall throughput (1518 byte UDP)

2 Gbps

IPS throughput (1518 byte UDP)

1.6 Gbps


IPSec throughput - AES-GCM

140 Mbps

Hardware (connect)

10/100/1000 interfaces

2+6 ports (Switch)

* Performance is measured in a laboratory and under conditions ideal for version 4.x. Results may vary according to test conditions and the software version.

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Do you have a technical question about our SN210W firewall? Contact our pre-sales teams.


You can find all SN210W technical documentation, including installation guides, user guides, technical notes and release notes, on our dedicated website.


Having the latest firmware version ensures you're up to date in terms of new features and patches. Some major releases also deliver performance enhancements for the SN210W firewall. Explore the latest developments in the new version, including enhanced protection, easier management and new features.

Administration tools

Optimise your cybersecurity and the effectiveness of your protection with our complementary centralised management and log management solutions.

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SN210W: associated services

Stormshield supports you step by step, according to your needs and your maturity in terms of cybersecurity.


Learn how to integrate, configure and monitor our products with our high-level certification training.


Our service and security packages provide you with continuous updates for protection systems and deliver hardware maintenance for the products.

Technical Support

In France and abroad, our technical teams are always close at hand to ensure the security of your software and hardware infrastructure, giving you guaranteed continuity of service.

SN210W: trial version and prices

Would you like to test the firmware of our SN210W european firewall? Our teams are ready and waiting to discuss projects, arrange an appointment or handle any other request.

Would you like a price estimate for purchasing one or more SN210W firewalls? Find and contact our nearest reseller partner to you.