Breach Fighter

Stormshield's Breach Fighter solution extends the capabilities of next-generation Stormshield Network Security firewalls and guarantees real-time protection from such attacks thanks to its unique technology based on the Stormshield Endpoint Security behavioral analysis engine.

Optimum protection from attacks

Breach Fighter combines the high-level antivirus protection that the Kaspersky engine provides with the protection of the patented IPS engine and Stormshield Endpoint Security's technology. Specially designed to counter the most sophisticated threats, this technology has already proven its worth against targeted attacks and ransomware.

Multi-layer protection

Hosted in the cloud, Breach Fighter allows clients to rely on hundreds of thousands of Stormshield Network Security appliances spread out around the world, and in the event an infected file is detected, the whole community will be automatically protected.

Effortless integration

Breach Fighter as a service can be enabled in a single click on a Stormshield appliance. Without the need for additional equipment, this service therefore leaves no impact on the infrastructure.

Trusted Cloud service

As a continuation of Stormshield's cloud range, Breach Fighter is deployed in trusted European datacenters, making it possible to meet legal constraints and comply with future European regulations governing the protection of private data (GDPR).

A malware detection service

Just one malicious file is needed to launch a massive cyber attack, so you need to be able to open your files with confidence. With its behavioural analysis methods, Breach Fighter can also help you analyse any suspicious file.

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