SES training courses: learn about endpoint protection with us

With our Stormshield Endpoint Security training courses, increase your knowledge of desktop and server protection. Sensitive to vulnerabilities and cyberattacks of all kinds, your employees' desktops and your company's servers deserve special attention. Our Certified Stormshield Endpoint Administrator (CSEA) and Certified Stormshield Endpoint Expert (CSEE) training courses will help you deploy and master our Stormshield Endpoint Security solution.

CSEA training: become an ace in enterprise endpoint protection

Spearphishing, ransomware, software misuse... Is the protection of desktops, servers and terminals your weak point? In two days, security and complete control of applications, devices and network connections will be a breeze with our Certified Stormshield Endpoint Administrator (CSEA) training.

CSEE training: become an expert in enterprise endpoint protection

And to take it a step further, choose our Certified Stormshield Endpoint Expert (CSEE) training and master the configuration of all Stormshield Endpoint Security features. To take this training course, which includes a certification exam, CSEA certification is required.

Re-certification kits

In common with all good software, you’ll need to update your endpoint security expertise before the third anniversary of your certification. You can do this using our online re-certification kits, which allow you to renew your certification for an additional three years.


Want to find out about dates for training courses dedicated to workstation and server protection? Access the SES training calendar.