OT training courses: network security in an operational environment

Learn how to integrate and configure our products within operational and industrial architectures. At Stormshield, our network protection training courses have been tailored to your operational needs and updated to meet the specific requirements of the industrial sector. Become an expert on integrating and configuring Stormshield Network products within operational architectures (FSNOT), and learn how to implement security rules specific to industrial protocols (CSNOT).

FSNOT training: become an ace in network protection

With our Fundamentals of Stormshield Network Operational Technology (FSNOT) training, you’ll learn about the range and essential functionality of the Stormshield Network Security product in two days for deployment in operational environments. This training is not offered on its own, and must be followed by the CSNOT training.

CSNOT training: become an expert in OT networks

Would you like to learn how to secure your industrial data flows with our products? If so, our Certified Stormshield Network Operational Technology (CSNOT) training is for you. It is a one-day course, and requires you to have obtained the CSNA certification or completed the FSNOT training beforehand.

Re-certification kits

In common with all good software, you’ll need to update your OT network/security expertise before the third anniversary of your certification. You can do this using our online re-certification kits, which allow you to renew your certification for an additional three years.


Want to find out about dates for OT network protection training courses? Access the training calendar.