The product lifecycle is an essential aspect of the cybersecurity business. The management of different product versions, compatibility with operating systems and third-party products and the versioning policy are all part of Stormshield’s Product Lifecycle. Our goal is to provide you with maximum visibility of how Stormshield products are evolving.

Up-to-date products vs. obsolete products

Why keep a product up to date? There are numerous benefits to be gained from keeping a product up to date: this allows you to maintain an optimal level of security, to evolve in line with your needs and to extend the product’s lifespan. Where an obsolete product version may contain security flaws, an up-to-date product version is the first line of defence against cyber intrusions. Each new product release has its own set of functional and security patches, along with additional features.

In order to follow these developments over time, Stormshield operates on a three-stage schedule: End of Sales, End of Renewals and End of Life. This gives customers the time to upgrade or to migrate to up-to-date products. Please note that after the end-of-life date of a product, it is no longer maintained (in terms of updates, hardware warranties and support), unless special conditions are granted by Stormshield.

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of Renewals

of Life


The Stormshield product life cycle

Each Stormshield product range has its own product life cycle. Lifecycle matrices for all hardware and software, including companion tools, compatibility matrices and lifecycle management policy: detailed descriptions of all of these can be found in a comprehensive lifecycle document for each product.

Stormshield Network Security

For our SNS firewalls, firmware versions are maintained by branch - with particular attention paid to the LTSB (Long-Term Support Branch) version. This also includes information on the main companion products, like SMC.

Stormshield Log SUpervisor

For our SLS log management solution, the product lifecycle documents contain all the information on successive firmware versions.

Stormshield Endpoint Security

For our SES workstation protection solution, the product lifecycle documents contain all the information on the management of the different versions of the products in the range.

Stormshield Data Security

For our SDS data encryption solution, each product has its own firmware version.

For more information

SN150, SN160W, SN200, SN210W, SN300, SN500, SN700, SN900 or SN910: do you still have an old Stormshield firewall and require support to prepare for a migration? Do you want to upgrade from Stormshield Endpoint Security to the Evolution version? Do you want to migrate to the new versions of Stormshield Data Security? Contact us to prepare your migration plan as well as for any other questions about other Stormshield end-of-life products, a dedicated sales representative will get back to you as soon as possible. Or find your reseller partner around the world.

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In the world of cybersecurity, products are constantly evolving. From the previous SN150 to the brand new SNxr1200, our Stormshield Network Security firewall range is keeping pace with new hardware requirements.