When HR and developers work hand-in-hand

The importance of cross-functional collaboration. Historically, annual appraisals at Stormshield used a modifiable PDF file. It was a restrictive and rigid tool: not automated and not compatible with all the workstations (depending on the Windows or Linux environments). As a result, there were plenty of comments about the difficulty of the process. But how could it be changed?

Our Stormshield developers initiated the project

The initiative came from 2 developers who are usually in charge of developing our product offering and who offered their help to develop an online platform within the framework of an ITO (Innovation Time Off). Their desire was to break silos between departments and help the HR Department by building a digital tool for annual appraisals.

The project lasted 6 months and began in summer 2017. After the initial meetings between the developers and the HR department, IT and Management had to be convinced and brought on-board. Once these stages had been passed, the project could go into production. For 3 months, the teams created, adjusted, enhanced and modified the tool. At the beginning of 2018, the platform name was adopted via a survey on our company social network platform and the ergonomic and intrusion tests were launched.

Finally, at the beginning of February, the annual appraisals were officially launched via an announcement on our company social network platform. With an ergonomic internal tool that is easy to access, sustainable and above all secure, managers and employees are now equipped to take advantage of this special opportunity for discussion. Technology serving HR and employees.

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About the author

Tiphaine Barnier
HR Department, Stormshield

Tiphaine joined Stormshield in early 2016. She is passionate about the world of IT with its variety of profiles and personalities. Green through and through (result of the DISC method used in Human Resources), Tiphaine is a strong believer in the Stormshield culture, which includes agility, collaborative success and international scope. She is committed to the Stormshield Attitude and has no hesitation in passing it on to candidates. Outside work, she is very interested in History (with a capital H) as well as the everyday stories of things around her! Her current motto is “If you think you are too insignificant to change something, just try to sleep with a mosquito in your room and you'll soon see which of the two stops the other from sleeping”.