Stormshield launches SN-M-Series, a range of scalable and modular firewalls

Stormshield, a leading European cybersecurity company, has just announced the launch of its new range of firewalls, which will be previewed at FIC 2022. Available in two models, the solution keeps pace with companies as they grow and as their user numbers increase.

This modular and scalable firewall range is in line with Stormshield's strategy to provide cybersecurity solutions tailored to the size and needs of businesses. The SN-M-Series-720 and SN-M-Series-920 are housed in similar cases, and both feature a scalable software platform. Companies can thus increase their user base from 300 to 500 simply by upgrading their licence.


Identical network modularity

So, to increase the network capacity and match its growth (network segmentation, multi-WAN, etc.), simply change or add network cards – there is no need to change the hardware.

Aimed at medium-sized companies or large agencies, this new range offers features that guarantee business continuity in the event of hardware or network failure. These include redundant power supply and SDWAN features that allow network flows to be distributed optimally over the various network accesses.

Another advantage is that the SN-M-SERIES can be deployed in a telecommunications rack. These are shorter than server racks, making it much easier to deploy as part of existing infrastructure.

“Because securing corporate infrastructure is an ongoing challenge, companies rely heavily on the ability of solution providers to keep pace with the changes that organisations make. With the new SN-M-Series firewalls, Stormshield has the perfect solution to this challenge in the shape of a modular system that adapts to companies as they grow and make changes to their infrastructure”, says Simon Dansette, Product Manager at Stormshield.


Main features of the SN-M-Series

  • SN-M-Series-720 > up to 300 users
    • Continuity of service for medium-sized agencies;
    • Dual power supply;
    • 2 SFP+ fibre ports (10GbE) as standard
    • 1 network extension module
    • Copper interfaces: 8 x 2.5GbE as standard
    • Firewall performance: 18 Gbps
    • VPN performance: 4 Gbps


  • SN-M-SERIES-920 > up to 500 users
    • Business continuity for complex architectures
    • Continuity of service for the central sites of intermediate-sized businesses
    • Dual power supply
    • 2 SFP+ fibre ports (10GbE) as standard
    • 1 network extension module
    • Copper interfaces: 8 x 2.5GbE as standard
    • Firewall performance: 36 Gbps
    • VPN performance: 6 Gbps

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