Stormshield and FreeBSD: renewal of Silver sponsorship

Stormshield has been using FreeBSD, an advanced open source operating system, since 1998 along with many others including Apple, Juniper, Cisco and Dell. This collaborative approach is important to Stormshield, which demonstrates its commitment by providing financial support to the FreeBSD foundation.


In 1998, we chose the FreeBSD community to help us breathe life into our vision of network security. Today, we are in a position to help this community realize its own vision,Fabien Thomas, Stormshield’s Chief Innovation Officer, said last December. Stormshield’s financial contribution helps the platform with its development and the recruitment of new developers.


EuroBSDcon 2017, meeting in Paris in September

EuroBSDcon is an international technical conference on BSD open source operating systems. Each year it attracts around 250 engineering professionals, software developers, students, teachers and users from all over the world. Its purpose is to exchange information on the BSD operating systems and promote cooperation between developers and users.
Come and visit the Stormshield stand at this year’s conference which will take place from 21 to 24 September 2017 at the Espace Saint-Martin in Paris. And for more information, go to the conference’s website.


Exchange and collaboration: key levers in the fight against cybercrime

Stormshield’s strategic vision, “Multi Layer Collaborative Security”, calls for technological cooperation for the benefit of all. Open source is therefore an essential component of Stormshield's whole approach. It is a collaborative approach which means sharing all the upgrades and changes made to its programs with the FreeBSD developers’ community, the aim being to continually improve the technology.

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