Stormshield Endpoint Security: Gold certification from OPSWAT

OPSWAT is an American organisation that protects critical infrastructure from cyber threats. By obtaining Gold certification, Stormshield is confirming its approach to trusted cyber security.

OPSWAT’s certification programme checks the compatibility of the latest generation of anti-malware products with more than 100 of the market’s leading access control solutions. Its objective is to guarantee the effectiveness of these security applications when it comes to protecting terminals with a high degree of confidence. The latest version of Stormshield Endpoint Security was recently awarded Gold certification.

In addition to the European certifications, Common Criteria and FIPS140-2, this new certification underpins Stormshield’s approach to trusted cybersecurity. And guarantees a level of protection that is suited to the strategic information of the most sensitive companies and organisations.

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Faced with cyber threats, secure your assets with proactive and behavioural protection. Without requiring updates of signature databases, our Stormshield Endpoint Security solution maintains optimal security conditions for high stress environments such as industrial systems or terminals in sales outlets.
Cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure entail extremely high risks. Hence the complexity of the legislation needed to combat them. Faced with the challenges of securing such infrastructure, no one can afford to skimp when it comes to understanding and complying with this legal framework. Let’s take a look.

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Adrien Brochot
Product Manager, Stormshield

Adrien joined the development teams in 2011 during a 4th year internship, and has been working since 2012 on the Stormshield Endpoint Security product, from Developer to Product Manager. This curious epicurean is as passionate about aerospace issues as he is about popcorn movies and (damn) good beers. Oh and he is also a three-time winner of the in-house badminton tournament.