OPSWAT is a global leader in IT, OT and ICS critical infrastructure protection cybersecurity solutions. With this Gold certification for Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution, a few years after the release of SES 7.2, Stormshield is strengthening its commitment to trusted cyber security.


OPSWAT Gold Certification

The OPSWAT certification program verifies the compatibility of next-generation anti-malware products with more than 100 market-leading access control solutions. Its objective: to ensure the effectiveness of these security applications in protecting endpoints, with a high degree of trust.

Trusted cyber security

The latest version of Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution has been awarded Gold certification. This new certification lends weight to Stormshield’s approach to trusted cybersecurity – and delivers an effective level of protection for companies’ and organisations’ most sensitive strategic information.

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Alongside this certification, the Stormshield Endpoint Security solution has been developed in accordance with stringent market certification levels (Common Criteria, ANSSI qualification). These security assurances form the basis of the trust that organisations with the most critical security needs have in us: defence organisations or sensitive sectors, local and national government bodies, financial institutions, etc.
Security for devices, workstations and servers has evolved considerably over the years. What do CISOs/IS Managers expect device protection to deliver today? And how does our Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution solution measure up? Find out in this IDC Technology Spotlight, sponsored by Stormshield.