Stormshield creates Stormshield Academy to support skills development

Faced with the current shortage of qualified candidates in the cybersecurity market, Stormshield, a European leader in the cybersecurity market, has set up the Stormshield Academy to help improve its developers’ skills in rare but much sought-after technical domains.

Currently it is challenging to recruit  developer expertise in  domains, such as security and low-level development, including  in-depth knowledge of the  Windows operating system. As a result,  Stormshield has founded it’s the Stormshield Academy, which is specifically designed to enhance the skills of its new junior developers.

“It’s an effective approach that enables our developers to access levels of advanced expertise that are rarely taught in schools but indispensable in our work, which is highly specialised. It also guarantees a high degree of technical consistency ,”  said Edouard Simpere, Stormshield Endpoint Security’s Technical Leader.

The in-house training is based on hands-on learning techniques. All junior developers who have already mastered certain programming languages and development practices and who are able to learn quickly are trained on specific technical aspects (kernel development, in-depth knowledge of Windows, etc.).

Run by Stormshield’s technical advisors, the training takes place in small groups over a short, very intense period of time (4 to 5 days).

The recruitment difficulties in our profession absolutely do not reflect an overall labour shortage, but rather a shortage of specific skills. The Stormshield Academy seems to appeal not only to the developers recruited this year but also the candidates we meet, since mastering new technical skills is a considerable advantage that they will easily be able to develop in their future professional life,”  concludes Edouard Viot, Stormshield Endpoint Security Product Manager and head of Stormshield’s Security Intelligence team.

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