Stormshield Business Continuity Plan: Information on COVID-19

Due to global developments in the Coronavirus/COVID-19 epidemic and the recent announcements by the French government, the Stormshield Executive Committee has decided to activate its Business Continuity Plan in every country where we operate, in accordance with local recommendations and rules. The objective of this plan is to continue supplying our services and solutions in order to maintain protection for our customers’ data and infrastructures, while ensuring the health and safety of our employees. This memo summarises the principal measures of this plan.

Rules in effect for all employees

For several weeks, we have already been following the internal rules of the Airbus Group, as well as the recommendations of the World Health Organisation and French health authorities. These rules have to do with suspending business trips to at-risk areas, educating employees on preventive hygiene practices, and applying a 14-day quarantine to anyone who has personally travelled to an at-risk area and is presenting symptoms of the disease or has been in contact with someone presenting these symptoms.

Additionally, we have decided to greatly limit internal meetings and business trips for all of our employees. The videoconferencing and teleworking solutions already in place have allowed us to implement this measure very quickly.

From 13 March until further notice, Stormshield will be encouraging all employees who can already perform their work remotely to do so full-time. This rule is mandatory for employees with hypertension, diabetes, or lung problems. Teleworking tools are in the process of widespread deployment for anyone who is not yet equipped with them. Measures for tracking individuals working remotely or on-site have been activated in order to allow us to react in case an outbreak is detected at one of our sites. Videoconferencing must be used for all internal and external meetings, and business trips in France or abroad will be very tightly controlled and limited.

Measures taken to ensure the continuity of our services and maintain supplies of our products

In addition to the measures described above, we have identified employees whose roles are critical to our work and have taken the necessary measures to ensure that they are still capable of working and that we have an operational backup available. A list of individuals who must absolutely work on one of our sites has been drawn up and will be monitored regularly.

Professional Services performed at customer sites will be maintained if the customers in question want us to do so, as long as these services do not present any major health risks.

Technical support teams have made arrangements to ensure the continuity of help services. These services are already perfectly adapted to remote working, and key functions have been identified and safeguarded, in addition to their backups.

Regarding supplies of Stormshield Network Security hardware, we are monitoring production and delivery twice weekly with all of our suppliers. We’re also reviewing updates to the BCPs of our sub-contractors and logistics providers.

Cancellation of Stormshield training sessions

To ensure the health of our customers and partners, we have decided to cancel all Stormshield training sessions up to 27 March. This period may be extended at a later date depending on how the epidemic develops.

Rules for visitors and outside parties working on our sites

An entry/exit log for outside parties will be used to track people’s movements within the company. We will also be reviewing the BCP measures taken by the employers of external contractors working on our sites.

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