The addition of this new solution to Stormshield’s catalogue is the result of an historic partnership with TheGreenBow – a major publisher of corporate VPN solutions – dating back over 15 years.

Stormshield – a leading European player in the cybersecurity market – announces the launch of its new Stormshield Network VPN Client Exclusive solution. This new product, based on the VPN solution from TheGreenBow Enterprise, provides features that enhance the security of VPN communications and make the solution easier to administer.


Stormshield Network VPN Client: greater security and an improved user experience

Among its key features, Stormshield Network VPN Client Exclusive can automatically open a VPN tunnel when the device is not connected to a trusted network, regardless of the interface being used. This new feature not only increases the security of network connections – because all connections will always adhere to the security policy specified for the firewall – but also improves the experience for users, who no longer need to ask themselves whether a VPN tunnel is required or not.

The security level is also enhanced through support for advanced smart card systems (multi-card support) for strong authentication.


A solution designed for large companies

Stormshield Network VPN Client Exclusive delivers an administration solution tailored to large companies, with easy deployment of VPN configurations across the entire user network, and the ability to export logs to a third-party analysis solution for greater clarity.

This new solution is compatible with ANSSI’s IPsec DR repository, ensuring that it will respond to changes in security requirements.

Infrastructure security is also based on mobile users’ ability to use company resources in complete safety, says Charles Geismar, Product Manager at Stormshield. With the new Stormshield VPN Client Exclusive solution, Stormshield is taking yet another step to deliver cyber-serenity for the infrastructure of major groups and sensitive companies.

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