Stormshield adds to its network-protection product line with the launch of Breach Fighter

Stormshield, a leader in the European cybersecurity market, announces the launch of Breach Fighter. This cloud-based solution adds an extra layer of protection against ever more numerous and aggressive forms of malware. Made available to customers with Stormshield Network Security, this new collaborative service provides optimal protection against even the most sophisticated threats.

With pirates devising smarter and increasingly complex attack scenarios and malware, simply installing antivirus software is no longer effective enough to fend off these new threats. Now more than ever, companies need to adapt to this situation and find innovative protection and monitoring solutions based on behavioral approaches. The boom in successful attacks with ransomware like Cryptolocker, Petya, and CryptXXX proves that cybersecurity systems must be improved. With this in mind, Stormshield is launching Breach Fighter, a cloud-based solution that will complement the existing antivirus software for Stormshield Network Security. Breach Fighter enables dynamic analysis of the danger posed by files downloaded from the internet or attached to emails.

Based on data-flow analysis, suspicious files are automatically sent to the cloud for in-depth evaluation (sandboxing). This analysis provides high-performance detection of targeted, advanced threats thanks to its unique prevention technology developed for Stormshield Endpoint Security. Descriptions of files identified as malware are then automatically shared in order to update the list of known threats on Stormshield Network Security equipment.

The advantages of Breach Fighter

Ease of integration: Breach Fighter is activated with just one click. This applies a new form of inspection, called sandboxing, to the data flows to be analyzed.

Multi Layer Collaborative Security: Hosted on the cloud, Breach Fighter extends the capacity of new-generation firewalls and guarantees real-time protection against attacks for customers. With this tool, customers can rely on a community of hundreds of thousands of products throughout the world, and the entire community is automatically protected if one of the community members receives an infected file.

Protection against advanced attacks: with Breach Fighter, high-level antiviral protection is reinforced with Stormshield Endpoint Security technology, which already provides protection to many Defense-level organizations, in order to offer maximum protection against the most sophisticated threats.

“Thanks to the expertise of the Stormshield teams, our ‘Multi Layer Collaborative Security’ approach, and cloud-based infrastructure, all customers with Stormshield Network Security can benefit from this real-time protection,” says Jonathan de Vos, Product Marketing Manager at Stormshield.

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